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Digital Radiography

Digital x-rays offer numerous advantages in caring for your teeth. The digital radiography taken at your dental office enables the dentist to make the best dental evaluations and decisions on treatment plans. The advanced digital x-ray technology enables your dentist to view the details instantly and even zoom to specific areas for detailed investigation.

Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-oral cameras allow our dentists to take pictures of your teeth and the surrounding tissue using a small, pen-sized camera. The intra-oral camera allows us to create digital images that can be attached to your electronic records. We look forward to introducing you to this technology when you visit our office.

iTero® Element 2 Scanner

Tompkins Family Dental Group is proud to bring you the best in quality dental care for you and your family! We decided to include this new dental technology in our Aurora, IL dental office to improve your experience with us by minimizing discomfort, wait times, and providing you with a 3D model of your mouth to show you what your new smile might look like.

The iTero Element 2 Scanner is an intra-oral scanner with advanced and new digital technology that replaces the need for traditional impressions. Many dentists usually make dental impressions by having the patient hold a tray in their mouth. The iTero Element 2 Scanner in Aurora, IL replaces all of the discomfort with its advanced digital integration technology and safely captures digital scans of your teeth and gums. Contact us today and schedule a dental consultation with our doctors to learn more about the iTero Element 2 Scanner.


  • iTero is highly detailed and more precise than traditional impressions
  • The process of using digital scans is faster than taking an impression
  • iTero is mess-free and requires no impression material
  • No goop or gag to worry about, leaving you much more comfortable
  • Ideal for Invisalign® clear aligners, retainers, dental crowns, dental bridges, night guards, or any other intra-oral appliances
  • See a 3D model of your potential post-treatment smile


Thanks to advances in dental technology, dental prostheses can be completed in a single visit using CAD/CAM technology known as CEREC. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and can be used to simplify dental procedures like dental crowns, dental implants, and dental bridges.

How CEREC Works

During your dental visit, your doctor may recommend using CEREC to complete dental work in one visit.  For dental crowns, your tooth will be prepared as normal for your dental crown, but instead of a temporary crown being placed, the CEREC technology will allow a permanent crown to be completed and placed on the same visit!  Crowns and bridges created with CEREC technology are just as durable as those created in a dental lab and eliminate the need to return for a second visit weeks later.


A VELscope is a device used by our office to help detect the early warning signs and symptoms of oral cancer that could otherwise be difficult to recognize.  Detecting oral cancer early is important to help the treatment process. Visit our office to learn more about the VELscope and how it is used.